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Top tips for first year university students

Your time to shine or maybe reinvent yourself has come. University is here!

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You're naturally bound to be somewhat unsure about your first year at University. Suddenly you're no longer the kings of the school, you're just another first year student in the big world of tertiary studies. While we encourage you to go in with an open mind, we've compiled some tips to help make your first year one of both enjoyment and contentment.


1) Go in with an open mind

Nothing like school as a matter of fact! Well, university is a place of education, however it certainly feels a lot different to school. When you're at school, you know everyone and everyone knows you. At university, you're no one and you'll most likely see different people every day. 

The environment is completely different and your surroundings will most likely feel unfamiliar to begin with. Like anything else though, it'll get more comfortable with time.

Our tip

Don't go into University thinking that it will be a simple transition from school. Go in with an open mind and be prepared for a whole new world!

University Life Australia 

2) Commit yourself

What may have been a pipe-dream in your younger days, this suddenly becomes a reality once you hit your tertiary studies. Attendance isn't compulsory at University. What initially might sound too good to be true can become a bit of a trap if you're not careful. Of course, if you're talented you can probably cruise your way through your degree with a laissez-faire attitude, however we doubt it would set you up nicely for the rest of your life.

Our tip

Make a genuine effort to get to your classes, regardless of how tediously dull they may be. You might even make some new friends or start actually enjoying your studies. You never know if you never go!

University Attendance

3) Stay healthy

As with any change to your routine, keeping up your healthy lifestyle can prove a challenge! This is not the time to let your guard down though. Depending on the course you're studying and how busy you like to keep in your spare time, remaining fit and healthy is a key ingredient for success in your studies.

Our tip

Dedicate a period of time each day to either preparing a healthy meal or working out. Whatever you find works for you, make some time for it!

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4) Speak out

Just because you're older and maybe more mature since you finished school, don't assume that you should have your life together. A lack of formal structure in the tertiary environment can often leave you confused and a little muddled up. This can very easily bring about stress and anxiety. Universities are more than aware of this and they have spent a considerable amount of time catering for this.

Our tip

If you ever feel down, speak out and talk to someone who can help you through a tricky or delicate situation. Don't be shy :) 

University Stress

5) Have a go

Yeah, you might make a fool of yourself, however this is a place of opportunity and one to try new things. Life would be pretty boring if we all did the same thing or looked the same way.

Our tip

Whether it be joining new groups and societies, meeting new people, learning about things you thought you never would, or simply experimenting with yourself, there is probably no better time in life to do it than while at University. No one expects you to be the average-Joe while at university. Of course, you can be if you want to be, however we'll think no less of you if you're a little left field!

Trying New Things

It's completely natural to be nervous in your first year of tertiary education. Hopefully these tips help settle those nerves a little! Are you coming to Australia from abroad? Click here to learn what to expect from uni life in Australia.

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