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Studying is easier said than done!

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Some things sound easy in theory, however once put into practice it's a whole different story. Studying is one of these things. We've compiled some tips to hopefully help make it that little bit easier!


1) Reward yourself

Like your parents rewarded you with dessert after you half-finished your vegetables, you can easily apply the same process to yourself as an adult. Finished a required reading? Have a treat! Finished an essay? Indulge in some retail therapy!


2) Switch your phone to Flight Mode

Naturally, it's very easy to sit and write that, however you'll be surprised how much more efficient your study will become without the constant distraction. See how long you can go for! Start off with 10 minutes and increase it by 5 every study session.


3) Study at university

The relative boredom and silence of the university library where everyone is secretly judging everyone can rather be a blessing in disguise for you. The comfort of your home is most likely full of distractions, providing you with the opportunity to complete nothing productive all day. Harness the studying power of the university environment itself!


4) Study with others

The worst thing about studying on your own is that you have no one to keep you accountable for achieving absolutely nothing all day. Finding study buddies or whatever you would like to call them is a great way to work to a common goal with other like-minded students.


5) Set targets

Staring down a 3000 word essay? Set a target of achieving 500 words a day, (and providing you start a week before the due date which we'll be the first to admit is easier said than done) you'll most likely avoid a mad rush at the end!


According to research from The Australian Council for Education Research, (ACER) as many as one third of first-year students think about leaving. Their research found that "if first year goes well, it sets students up for successful university study and future careers. On the contrary, "if students struggle or become disengaged they can under-perform or just drop out completely". It really is a make-or-break time so ensure the former occurs with these tips!

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