Living on a student budget

While you might be living in the world's best country, you're also living in one of the most expensive! Watching your finances as a student is a must!

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Unless you're from a wealthy overseas family funding you with a $40,000 or $50,000 monthly allowance, chances are your student budget will make you pretty frugal. This doesn't have to leave your lifestyle feeling a little empty though. A few little tricks up your sleeve and you'll be living both happily and comfortably. 


Stop or reduce your use of online food ordering and delivery platforms

At the very least, treat it as a reward. Don't substitute this for your laziness not to cook for yourself. Don't know how to cook? Well, there's a first for everything. These services are convenient, perhaps too convenient. They run through your funds faster than you think. 


Don't know how to cook? Well, there's a first time for everything. Not everyone enjoys cooking, however nearly everyone enjoys having more money. It's no great discovery that doing a weekly shop, or grocery shopping when necessary is cheaper than constantly eating out.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan your week ahead of time and follow it. Sure, things come up during the week that might change your plans, however knowing each day that you have the necessary ingredients for a meal is a fantastic way remain organised when things don't always go to plan. Is this your first time living out of home? Check out some tips here for how best to plan your meals.

Meal Planning 

Be wary of buy now, pay later services

These services are designed for millennials and students. The companies behind them know this demographic are vulnerable and often financially naive. If you feel confident that you can mange your use of these services then by all means go for it, however if you suspect that you're spending a little too much, then you probably are.

Consider every purchase

Do you need it? Is it really 100% necessary? We're not specifically advocating a ruthless Marie Kondo approach to your possessions, however the line of thought is still valid when it comes to the purchases you make. You'll be amazed how much you can save in the long run. 

Avoid unnecessary debt

Unless you've purchased a property or you're completing study, debt is the absolute pits. If you have to go into debt to make a purchase of anything else, chances are it's probably not a good idea. Using your own savings is the best way as a student to make sure your amount of spending is ideal for you.


Live within your means

We might be starting to sound like your parents, however they probably know best. The lives of the rich and famous and probably best left for the rich and famous. 

Be wary of Instagram

With reference to the house classic, 'Flawless', by The Ones.

"Just like perfection
Ego alert, flawless
Absolutely flawless"

Isn't this what Instagram is all about? Perhaps your life isn't perfect. Maybe instead of looking out of your window seat you're looking into your front loader? Or maybe it's your shared house bath instead of your plunge pool in your Seminyak private villa. No one's life is flawless, and if it was, it would be pretty dull. Don't assume everyone else's life is perfect based on what you see online, because chances are it could be a right-mess!

Live within your means

Review your subscriptions

We love subscription services these days. Whether it's for entertainment, fashion or food, it often feels as if we can pretty much subscribe to anything. They're great, convenient and relatively fuss-free. However, they're also addictive and they feel cheap because we're paying on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.


Take a look at your bank statements every now and then and ask yourself whether you really need to keep subscribing to any particular given service. If you feel not, cancel it. You might just find some things that you weren't aware you were subscribed too!


Have fun!

At the end of the day, you only live once! While we want to emphasise not overspending on things you don't need or you're purchasing for the wrong reasons, you still need to have a splurge every now and then. We're only human! Life would be pretty boring if we spent every second budgeting!

Having Fun

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