Why The ISIC Card Is A Must-Have For Local Students

While the "I" in ISIC might stand for 'International', the card itself is intended to be equally beneficial for both domestic and international students. Read on to see why.

Student Life image Is The ISIC Card Useful For Local Students As Well

Historically, the ISIC card was a student identity card that gave full-time students world access to special discounted airfares. Today, the portfolio of benefits and discounts accessible with the ISIC card goes far beyond travel alone. The ISIC card is now also an everyday use student lifestyle card.

While travel discounts remain important to our benefit portfolio, we understand that the day-to-day life of a student is neither a glamours one, nor one which comes cheap. Travelling is ultimately a luxury, while living day in and out is a staple of our expenses which we think all students deserve to spend less on.

We want to extend these savings to as many people as possible, which is why we've kept our eligibility criteria generously open. As long as you're 12 years of age or older and enrolled as a full-time student, you are able to apply for an ISIC card. It doesn't matter to us if you're a mature age student, or if you've just begun middle or senior school, we'll extend a warm welcome to you!

Whether it be dining out, watching the latest-release or partaking in some well-deserved retail therapy, we'll have you covered. Have a look at some example offers below.

Cafes Bars Restaurants

Cafes, bars & restaurants

Why is it perfect for students?
Whether it's a cute date or a chilled brunch with a mate, it is always good to get out and about and try some new dishes. A great way to discover a new neighbourhood too!

What can students save?
Students can save up to 20% off hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants Australia-wide.



ChoovieCatching the latest-release

Why is it perfect for students?
The tradition of going to the movies is certainly not a dying art-form, and one where students can squeeze in a little rest and relaxation after a long day or week.

What can students save?
Students can save $5 off every Choovie transaction.



Student Life image - Is The ISIC Card Useful For Local Students As WellPrescribing some retail-therapy

Why is it perfect for students?
Sometimes a new look makes all the difference! Shopping should be a right, not a luxury. Delivering the biggest trends at affordable prices, this is a match made in heaven for students. 

What can students save?
Students can save 30% off all Missguided online purchases.



Think we're on to something? Click here to view 5 everyday lifestyle ISIC discounts we think you can comfortably use on a regular basis in Sydney.

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