Finding Student Discounts

While we probably don't have endless funds at our disposal as students, fortunately enough for us, many businesses recognise this and offer excellent student offers! Here's how to find them.

keeping well

Aside from being a pensioner and being eligible for a concession for being old, the much better time in life to be eligible for discounts and savings is when you're a student. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of aspects of your daily life where you'll be able to save a fortune and cut down your spending!


Health & beauty

We all want to be healthy and beautiful. For the fortunate few it comes pretty easily, for everyone else, a little investment is required!

Our tip

Keep an eye out for health and beauty service providers who offer student prices. A secret of ours that we're happy to share is to swing by your local TAFE for a treatment at a very, very reasonable price. While the students there are currently learning, they are being extensive trained by industry professionals, so ultimately this is a fantastic opportunity for them to display their skills at costs that are hard to ignore.

ISIC Australia Health and Beauty Discounts


The latest fashions these days come and go about as quickly as Australia's political leaders. Whether you're looking for some activewear to wear to brunch on Saturday morning or some ridiculous new fast fashion product, you'll fortunately find student discounts aplenty when it comes to fashion.

Our tip

The internet is your friend. You'll be amazed how many of your favourite brands and online retailers have student offers up for grabs. Put in the initial research before any purchase and you're bound to save a fortune!

Student Fashion Savings 

Dining & Takeaway

A staple of everyone's everyday life, we all love grabbing a cheeky meal or drink, however it certainly adds up over time. Fortunately though, there is absolutely no reason as a student why it has to!

Our tip

We would be very modest if we didn't add in a shameless plug about ourselves, however this is too good an opportunity not to. As an ISIC cardholder in Australia, (and New Zealand too) you have access to up to 20% off hundreds of restaurants, bars, and cafes country-wide. From your everyday eateries to your upmarket venues, we well and truly cover it all!

ISIC Dining & Takeaway Discounts 

Public Transport

Over the years this has saved Australian students an absolute fortune! Our state governments have been super generous here and have allowed us as students to get around easily and affordably. 

Our tip

Get a concession card from your local state authority for public transport. It couldn't be easier than that!

Australia Public Transport Concession


STA Travel are the best guys in the business for the young and young and heart. They set out to bring affordable flights and worldly adventures to other students, young people and explorers.

Our tip

Another shameless plug from yours truly, however an ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC card will open up a world of travel discounts including up to 40% off airfares! Find out more here.

STA Travel ISIC Discounts

So now you see, finding students is really pretty easy! We have hundreds of student discounts ourselves here in Australia, and many more thousands throughout the world here. We're making student life better! 

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