Everyday Lifestyle Discounts For ISIC Cardholders

Are your finances just not quite letting you live the life you desire? Here are five everyday discounts (using Sydney as an example) showing how you can save more every day with ISIC.

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Do you want to dine out more often and savour Sydney finest cuisines, or simply partake in some days out with your friends?  Below is an example of how you can enjoy savings across a wide-range of areas in inner-Sydney. To find offers across other areas of Australia click here


Choovie 300x300Enjoy the latest movie with Choovie

Who are they?
Choovie have brought demand based movie pricing to Australia. What does this mean for you? Affordable movie tickets whenever you want them. You see, Choovie reckon that not all movie sessions are created equal. Some screenings are popular; some not so much. Some session times suit the masses, some suit only a few. So, they figured - let's make ticket prices match demand. At the time of writing, they have partnered with 24 cinemas throughout NSW, with a focus on Sydney.

What can you save on?
You can save $5 off the transaction every time you book a movie session through Choovie.

How can you save with Choovie?
Saving through Choovie is done simply by redeeming the offer with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.

Vapiano 300x300Savour delicious Italian cuisine at Vapiano

Who are they?
Located in the Grace Hotel on the corner of King Street and York Street in Sydney CBD, Vapiano Sydney is the newest addition to the Vapiano family, treating Sydney-siders to the fantastico taste of Vapiano fresh pizza, pasta and salad.

What can you save on?
You can save 20% off your bill at Vapiano between the times of 2pm and 5pm.

How can you save with Vapiano?
Saving on Vapiano bill is done by showing and displaying your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card upon payment.

Strike 300x300Grab a friend or 3 for a complimentary game of Bowling with Strike

Who are they?
Strike Bowling Bar is the ultimate destination for fun! Strike venues help you be a little bit legendary, 7 days a week! One game of bowling is just never enough! Pay for one, and enjoy two!

What can you save on?
You can your 2nd game for free for yourself and up to 3 others! Find out more here.

How can you save at Strike Bowling Bar?
Saving at Strike Bowling Bar is done by verifying your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here and then redeeming the offer at the ticket office.

Missguided 300px x 300pxLive bold and beautifully with empowering Missguided

Who are they?
Missguided is an empowering, bold and forward thinking online fashion brand, inspired by real life. With thousands of celeb inspired styles hitting down every sing day, they're not just fast fashion, they're rapid fashion from the dreamers, believers and night lovers. 

What can you save on?
You can save 30% off online purchases! Find out more here.

How can you save with Missguided?
Saving with Sheridan is done simply by redeeming your promo code with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.

Alkaline 300x300Delve into some R&R at Alkaline in Potts Point

Who are they?
A deliberately different day spa in the heart of Potts Point, Alkaline offers holistic health and skin care in a modern spa setting. Sometimes we just need some pampering for ourselves!

What can you save on?
You can save 25% off any facial or spa treatment.  

How can you save with Alkaline?
Saving on an Alkaline booking is done by simply redeeming the offer with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.

Sydney, like the rest of Australia is an expensive to live. We have an unrivaled lifestyle here down under, however we certainly pay for it! Fortunately though, paying full-price is simply up to you with an ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card.

Still after more? No worries! Click here to view all ISIC Australia discounts.

All discounts are correct at time of publishing this article and are subject to change without notice. Please always check here for the latest information. Some offers are part of the ISIC Australia & New Zealand Frequent Values Partnership. For cards issued outside of Australia or New Zealand please visit our International Cardholders information here to find out more about accessing the ISIC Frequent Values Program.

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