Top 5 Most Viewed ISIC Online Discounts in Asia & Oceania and Globally in 2018

With over 150,000+ discounts and offers across the world ISIC, IYTC & ITIC cardholders have a huge range of ways to save money while in their home countries and abroad.

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Below we've listed the top viewed offers in 2018 for Asia & Oceania and globally. The top 5 searched discount categories were travel, accommodation, food & drink, culture and shopping. 

The top 5 most viewed discounts across Asia & Oceania in 2018

  • TRIP.COM 5% off accommodation
  • URBAN ADVENTURES 10% off tours
  • APPOLLO PHARMACY 15% off private label products
  • SUDIO SWEDEN 15% off earphones
  • YHA AUSTRALIA Up to 20% off bookings

PLUS, the top 5 viewed ISIC online discounts globally were*:

  • HOMESTAY 50% off booking fee
  • SPEEDY 15% discount
  • HOSTELWORLD US $5 credit on hostelworld account
  • HOTELS.COM 10% off online bookings
  • EUROPCAR 10-15% discount on car rental

*Figures based on data from and the ISIC global app

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Source: The 2018 ISIC Association Annual Report


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