Global Online Student Verification

Verification for Online Benefits

To ensure only verified students/cardholders have access to your offer, we have a unique online verification model which is offered for free by ISIC to all of our partners.

  • Only full-time students enrolled in a government recognised educational institution are eligible
  • ISIC card is valid for 12 to 16 months, expiration dates are implemented so benefits cannot be claimed post-graduation
  • Each ISIC card has a unique serial number which is tracked
  • All cards are registered in ISIC’s central cardholder database
  • 24/7 student status verification in real time via web services
How it works
  • Verification takes place through an online verification page. 
  • ISIC assumes the cost of creation and implementation of the page, with logo and imagery supplied by partner.
  • Once verified students can access the offer by the partners chosen IT method; unique voucher solution, multiple vouchers solution or dedicated URL of the partner

Examples of online verification on with unique voucher code:

Verification example

To set up online verification for an offer, please contact us