ISIC Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with ISIC is a great way to connect with the student, youth and teacher markets. Our programs are highly flexible and can be customised for your organisation.  

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Card Partners

Discount Partners

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  • Co-branded ID cards - for Schools, Universities etc. 
  • Fundraising opportunities for organisations
  • Value add products
  • Integrated card technology
  • Plastic and virtual card issuance available
  • Sign up to offer a discount to ISIC, IYTC & ITIC cardholders 
  • Gain global exposure in key student, youth & teacher markets
  • Choose packages to enhance your exposure to students
  • Be featured in our monthly email newsletter

More information

More information

Who we work with 

Some of our partners in Asia Pacific and globally

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Why apply to partner with ISIC

  • Be associated with a globally recognised brand
  • Offer an added value product to your members
  • Opportunity to earn additional revenue
  • Increase your brand awareness and international profile