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Your offers, sans hand sanitiser...

While everything in the world feels like it's been turned upside down and inside out, and our hands have never been so spotless, we wanted to let you know that if you are still looking to make the most of your ISIC card then you most certainly can. We've highlighted what we think would make the cut for your top three online discounts and what we hope amidst the weirdness in the world... might hit the spot. From a good book to a sports watch that’s nice enough to wear every day or even just a fresh shirt, we hope you like the offers below :)

1. Rakuten Kobo. $8 off your first eBook.

Choose from over 5 million eBooks, including new releases and bestsellers, as well as an expertly curated collection of audiobooks with Rakuten Kobo. Get the free Kobo App and read or listen your way through those isolation blues with $8 off your first eBook.


2. Mr Simple. Save 20% on all orders.

Focusing on cut, fabric and quality, Mr Simple is not a basic men’s clothing brand. When you are saving 20% on such premium fabrics you’ll no doubt be feeling extra fresh the next time you leave the house.

Get 20% off Mr Simple

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3. Uncle Jack Watches. 15% off online orders.

For that first live game with the gang, show your colours with a sports watch that even your girlfriend would approve of. This Aussie brand offers free shipping across the country and with 15% off why not grab one for her too.

Get 15% off Uncle Jack Watches

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