Frequent Values™

ISIC exclusive offer

The Frequent Values™ program provides an extensive range of great value offers throughout Australia and New Zealand. It has been designed to provide you with valuable savings all year round.  With an ISIC Frequent Values™ membership you can access thousands of benefits across Australia & New Zealand. Offers include 20% off your total bill (up to $25) at over 2,000 participating restaurants, up to 50% off on leading national attractions, movie tickets, local activities, popular takeaway outlets, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, online shopping and more.

 Frequent Values™ Offer

ISIC exclusive offer

How do I get this discount? All Overseas cardholders* can now verify their card to purchase an ISIC Frequent Values Membership

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*This discount is for all ISIC/IYTC/ITIC Cards issued outside of Australia and New Zealand. If you've purchased a card within Australia or New Zealand and are experiencing issues with accessing the Freqeunt Values discounts please email us at*


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