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If jetting off exploring the world is more exciting than hitting the student union bar, you might want to take a look at the below. Read on to see some suggested ISIC benefits we think may be of interest to you.

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3 days into Autumn and you have already had enough of the 'cooler' days. You long to #takemeback to long summer days on the beach. You prefer your water turquoise and Uni can wait for you as Sail Croatia is too good to refuse. You'll take any excuse for a summer in Europe.

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You've signed and reclined! Those deferral forms are now with your faculty. Now, the time is high to book those flights and escape the coming winter. Where can I find the cheapest flights to Europe during peak season? STA Travel of course. STA's BlueTicket fares are often the best on the market and because they're specially negotiated for the youthful, you can be confident that you're snapping up an absolute bargain. When we say bargain, we mean up to 40% off fares!

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If you didn't manage to convince any of your friends to defer as well, you might need some company while overseas. Arguably the best guys in the business of having fun, Busabout know Europe as well as I know my local Woolworths (in other words, very well). Covering all of the continent's best spots, with a particular focus on the sun-kissed Mediterranean, you'll have both friends and a dedicated tour guide to hopefully look after you following any 'slightly too big' nights on holiday. Grab up to $100 off your Busabout trip!

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Contrary to what you might have heard in 'Eurotrip', Paris isn't both a suburb of Berlin and a nothing commute. Travelling around the continent is an adventure itself, however it certainly doesn't have to be as expensive as it currently is. Flixbus with its 200,000 daily connections to more than 1,000 destinations in 26 countries is an incredibly easy way of getting around, especially when you can book via an app. With 10% off every journey, you'll be saving some serious euros across the continent.

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So, you have probably saved quote a considerable amount by now! Why not splash out on a little luxury with a hotel booking through Hotels.com? Why Hotels.com you ask? Well, you can enjoy 10% off all online bookings, and if the hotel is one where rewards nights are earned, you'll receive a very handy 6% off. Everyone deserves a little lux every now and then! Prefer your accommodation more communal, however somewhat cutting-edge? We've got Generator Hostels throughout Europe covered too with 10% off accommodation!

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Perhaps you've shopped the whole way through Europe and the generous amount of luggage offered on your return flight still isn't enough to get it all home without paying an extravagant excess baggage fee. Why not send it back with Sendmybag.com? I've done it before from London en route to Australia and the process was swift and worry-free! You'll snap up a 10% discount too!

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