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Coming down-under to study under our big bright yellow sun? Here are some things you need to know about your soon-to-be new life in Australia as a student!

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annie spratt 259353 unsplash1) You won't be the only international student in Australia

You most certainly won't be alone here! Australian universities are jam-packed full of international universities, particularly from the Asian region. Thriving communities of international students make Australian universities what they are, so if you're feeling a bit homesick, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding someone from 'home' to cheer you up.
With this in mind, we recommend getting yourself acquainted with the entire student body on occasions such as 'O-Week', or otherwise known as Orientation Week. This is where you are able to join clubs and societies within the university. A great reference for getting yourself acquainted in your new home is studyinaustralia.gov.au  which is the official Australian government website for international students.





maximillian conacher 487500 unsplash122) You probably won't be living in what you may refer to as a 'Uni-city' or 'Uni-town'

While your universities back home may be the life of the social scene or the backbone of the economy in which they may find themselves, this phenomenon never quite made it to Australia. Most Australian cities have at least a few major universities so you'll find nearly everywhere you go in Australia will be populated by a number of tertiary students.
With this in mind, we recommend finding accommodation with fellow students to get you acquainted with others who are in similar situations to yourselfSome  important things to take into consideration including planning your arrival in Australia and estimating your living costs prior to arriving.


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3) You won't find it like the movies

Thanks to Hollywood, you might envision uni life wherever you are in the world to be reminiscent of the American colleges you see in movies. This is not the case for the overwhelming majority of students in Australian universities. Don't arrive expecting wild frat parties! (what exactly is a frat anyway?) The Australian university experience is however an overwhelmingly positive one for the vast majority, just don't go in expecting everything to be as it is back home. Then again, this is the whole point of an exchange is it not? To broaden your horizons and see new things?
With this in thought, we recommend going in with an open mind!

Now you know what to expect, see here what to expect from us - your new Aussie neighbours.

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