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While you may have purchased your ISIC card in Australia, its use extends far outside of the Australian continent. Read on to see the best way to use your ISIC card and discover the array of discounts available to you.

You know that your ISIC card can be used as proof of full-time student status wherever you are in the world, however the exclusive offers and discounts available to you are almost nearly just as widespread. Whether you're trekking through South America, on safari in Africa, savouring delicacies in Europe, enjoying the warmth of Asia, or driving through North America, there will often be an ISIC discount in reach!

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Student Discounts Worldwide

We have put together a comprehensive 'Student discounts worldwide' page which as the name suggests partners over 25 major cities and countries around the world with some notable ISIC discounts we think are perfect for discovering the little intrinsic details that really make somewhere special. From Amsterdam to Queenstown, and Barcelona to Lima, we've done our best to criss-cross the globe for you. Find them all below.

Tokyo | Copenhagen | Stockholm | New York | Thailand | Queenstown | Barcelona | Montréal | Vienna | Lima | Buenos Aires | Paris | London | Rome | Berlin | Amsterdam | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide | Sydney | Melbourne | Singapore | Bangkok | Budapest | Chicago 

Haven't covered somewhere yet that you're interested in? Jump over to ISIC's global discounts page here where you can both search anywhere in the world, and find every local ISIC market's very own website.

Proof of Student Status

Having your ISIC card with you wherever you go can often prove incredibly useful, particularly when you least expect it. Although ISIC ourselves might not have an officially agreed discount partnership with every organisation around the globe, having proof of full-time student status allows you to take advantage of any potential student/concession offer that may exist.

The ISIC App

While you're out maybe trying to find yourself or at least the next destination, hands down the best way to find these discounts is through the ISIC app. Within the app you're able to bring up your virtual card (even when times are tricky as the WiFi is hard to find). A useful tip is to check out the app before your travels so you can save your favourite discounts for later. Whether we're studying, working, sleeping or travelling, we're all living by our phones these days so when you're on the go, there is no better resource than our trusty ISIC app to find the offers and discounts available to you. Find out more about the ISIC app here.

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