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Deciding what to do after finishing high school and University is a difficult task. The decision will almost certainly set you on a path for quite some time so it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Fortunately you have an option that will both help you develop as a person and give you the opportunity to decide what you want to do with your life.

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Summer Camp USA is a program that allows you to work in the US for up to 3 months as a counsellor at a Summer Camp. After that 3 months is up you also get a chance to travel around the US for a month. You’ll get to make new friends and experience wildly different things to what you’re used to - all while getting paid to do it! There are a huge number of reasons that any former camp counsellor will tell you are good enough reasons to work at a summer camp - so we’ve condensed them down to a few super common motivations!

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1. Develop New Skills

Regardless of if you’re hired as a General Counsellor or a Specialist Activity Counsellor, you will undoubtedly be given an opportunity to learn skills for a bunch of activities at camp. Rock Climbing, Archery, Water Skiing - a handful of the myriad activities that take place at Summer Camps across America that you will get a chance to try out and master. However, there is a completely different set of interpersonal skills that you will get a chance to develop over your time at Camp. Leadership, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking are all skills that you will use on a daily basis and will become second nature at camp. It just so happens that those are all skills that employers are looking for in their future employees. Camp is a wonderful way to build the skill set you can include in all future job applications so you’re a sure thing for every job you’re after!

2. Make a difference in Someone’s Life

There are innumerable types of Summer Camps that you will find in the US. One thing that each and every camp has in common is that they are all there to help campers grow into confident, empathetic and sincere individuals. Easier said than done. Making that change takes quality people to spend quality time with each and every kid that goes to Camp. Through coaching, pushing the kids to step out of their comfort zone and being a constant role model, you are able to have an impact on many kids lives. Those kids will never forget the effect that you had on their life and many of them will go on to grow up and become camp counsellors just like you. That means the legacy that you leave, even if you go to Camp once, can have a lasting impression for years!

3. Experience a Different Culture

Travelling further than a few hours from your home town will, without a doubt, mean you will experience a different culture. A place like the US is a country made up of micro-cultures, subtly distinct from county to county. After you finish Summer Camp you will get a chance to travel around for 30 days getting a taste of as many of those micro-cultures that you can. Additionally, your time spent at Summer Camp is also an amazing exclusive culture that a proportionately select few people outside of the US actually get to experience as well. Exposing yourself to new cultures helps you to learn to understand different things about different people. It allows you to appreciate and respect their differences - no matter what they may be. If every person was privileged enough to develop the level of empathy required to be a summer camp counsellor, when they are young, then we will have an entire generation of people that are more willing to put their hand up, then put their hand out!

4. Inspire a Career Path

Going to Summer Camp in the USA means that no two days will be the same. Each day, whether it be at Camp or afterward while you are travelling, will bring its own challenges and surprises. But what most might find surprising is that they may have an undiscovered passion that they end up turning into a vocation. Many people discover a potential career path during their time at summer camp in the USA. You may find that coaching children is what you want to spend your life doing. Or social work to assist less abled people or at risk youth. Perhaps your strengths lie in managing people and ideas and you are a future CEO. It’s not something that happens for everyone but its exceptionally special when it does. 

It was mentioned earlier that there are a huge number of reasons people go to summer camp and that this is not an exhaustive list. But the reasons included here are definitely worth considering as you begin to make your decision on what to do with yourself in your first year out of high school or University. If working at a summer camp is something that you’ve been considering and would like some more information about, reach out to our Summer Camp USA partners - IEP Working Holidays - about how they can make it happen.

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