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We're absolutely loving Sennheiser, one of our newest benefit partners. We reckon there are more than a few reasons why the music sounds better with a Sennheiser product. Read on to view them all!

Our German friends are famed for many things, some of which including Sennheiser we are more than happy to gloat about. Partly because we have a fantastic new offer of 20% off all Sennheiser products, (not valid on high-end models) however also because the music sounds much better with Sennheiser! German engineering and precision is something we typically associate with the nation's automotive industry, however cutting-edge technology and design has also been ever-present in the legendary Sennheiser products throughout the past 70 years. These guys are absolute legends in their field and their history speaks for themselves.

We think there are 5 key reasons why the music sounds better with Sennheiser - view them below.

1 | History
Sennheiser have been around for a long time, a very long time. So long in fact that the company itself was established a few weeks after the end of the World War 2! A company at the forefront of audio technology and consistently at the peak of their game for so long is one you know you'll get top quality from.

PXC 550 Application

2 | Everyone uses Sennheiser
From some of the biggest musicians around the globe, to DJs, Monday - Friday professionals, and the music-obsessed, Sennheiser products are made with everyone in mind.

Blog image - 5 Reasons Why The Music Sounds Better With Sennheiser - Pink Girl!

3 | Thinking of the future
Not satisfied with over half a billion in revenue across the 2016/17 financial year, these guys are always thinking ahead and what they can bring to the table for those with a taste for exquisite sound.


4 | Quality
We mentioned it before, however you know when you're purchasing something designed in Germany that you're getting a product of unprecedented quality.

SENN PROKOMM HD4 Still 03 F39 resaved3
5 | Value for money
We couldn't help ourselves here! Seeing as we have 20% off all Sennheiser products and 15% off all Sennheiser outlet products, we reckon this will be music to your ears for a very long time!

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