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In a recent giveaway, we asked 'What can't you live without when travelling and why?', we received hundreds of responses, and have selected 60 to share with you. What's top of your list?

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If you're heading off on a round the world trip or a quick domestic trip we think you'll get some great ideas from the list below. Needless to say the most frequently mentioned items were mobile phones, earphones, power banks and cameras, a reflection of our need to capture memories and record moments as well as our reliance on technology for adding convenience to travel. What are your must have essentials? 

  1. Definitely my camera! I love capturing some awesome snaps to keep the memories alive :) 
  2. My travel agents recommendation, International Youth Travel Card, as I always manage to save a few dollars here and there wherever I go……ps – the virtual card is even easier, I just hop on the ISIC App to check it’s still valid before I travel
  3. My USB cord because it's always important to stay connected.
  4. A small nylon foldable bag - saves plastic when shopping and $ so don't need to buy a shop bag, can have a towel inside for a pillow, can also be a last minute towel, double as a light weight carry on for budget planes or extra bag for casual day trip. Have also used it as a lap blanket when cold in a train.
  5. My portable charger, its saved me numerous times overseas when power in unavailable.
  6. My speakers, because I need some background music to my life
  7. Noise cancelling headphones and quality neck pillow! From noisy planes to unexpected layovers this is my secret lifesavers for every trip!
  8. My phone! I use it for translating, researching travel advice, public transport, maps, opening hours... everything!
  9. Bag clips! Super helpful for sealing packets of chips I've half-eaten, closing a bag with wet shoes in it, holding a rope tight to make a clothesline - you definitely need at least a couple!
  10. A sense of humour and love of the unpredictable.
  11. Apart from my husband and good bottle of wine. I would say my camera, capturing moments big and small. 
  12. An attitude of flexibility, because 1) it's almost certain that not everything will go to plan and 2) the best experiences are always the unexpected!
  13. My two in one travel pillow, it is filled with light weight micro beads. It turns into rectangular pillow and U shape neck pillow. I sleep with that at home and during travelling. So I can sleep anywhere in the world feel like home, and feel energetic after good night of sleep to explore amazing places.
  14. Car, it is hard to travel without car in Australia
  15. A fast drying light towel
  16. I must travel with my my favourite dress! It is one I can wear in any types of weather and I have even hiked a mountain in it!
  17. Wet wipes - hot face or dirty hands, they got you covered.
  18. Toothpaste no one likes garlic morning breath
  19. Friends! I like to share the experience with people!
  20. I can't go anywhere without my very cute dog! She always accompanies me on trips. You can't leave your fur baby at home!
  21. My must have is definitely ear plugs, good sleep is essential while travelling. These babies help me get some good quality sleep even if I can't catch as many z's as I need.
  22. There are several things that we can't live without travelling. First thing, Water Bottle - it's important to stay hydrated. Second thing, Power bank or power bar - it is the most important travel item and nowadays you can do anything in smartphones. And finally Backpack - it's carry everything and it can fit so much stuff.
  23. When traveling I must have the soccer ball with me. It's good for a workout, making friends, a pillow or footrest on the  beach and anywhere you go people understand the game of soccer and want to jump in!
  24. I can not live without my sunglasses when travelling there is nothing worse than arriving somewhere tropical with no sunnies
  25. Portable espresso machine
  26. A packet of emergency vita-weats - you just never know when you are going to need a plain trusty snack before becoming violently ill and needing to live on them the next days after. Bonus: having vegemite with them too.
  27. Resilience, so even when the not so good parts of travel happen, I'm ready!
  28. An eye mask and headphones, so I can be a little more in control of the light and noise when I’m in a hostel!
  29. A deck of cards. Whether I'm whittling away hours in an airport or stuck in a hostel with no WiFi, a deck of cards is perfect for keeping myself and any new friends made along the way entertained.
  30. A pink selfie stick I picked up in Vietnam - there's no better way to take semi-ironic pictures of yourself and others in beautiful locations!
  31. I can't live without a good pair of socks.
  32. A small torch. It sounds basic and low-tech, but it's essential. Sure, phones have torch lights, but these are high-drain and go flat without warning. In Australia blackouts are infrequent and we think of electricity as a right; but in all sorts of adventurous parts of the majority developing world it's neither a right nor a dependable convenience. You'll be right with a torch, and you'll be popular when the lights go out!
  33. A coffee plunger
  34. First aid kit for those unexpected moments in the wilderness when I have to help others out
  35. My music, because I can imprint feelings and sensations of a trip on a particular song, and then recall those feelings and sensations when I listen to that song again after my trip!
  36. I can't live without accommodation when travelling. I think the 'why' is pretty obvious!
  37. My lucky undies because they are a good luck charm when travelling
  38. I cannot live without my planner when travelling! I always keep all my important documents in it, as well as noting down my events and places I should go, etc. I would be completely and utterly lost without it.
  39. Travel pillow - Can use it many places such as on the bus, train and on the aeroplane to sleep.
  40. My wife, my phone and my lonely planet guidebook
  41. I cannot live without a small bottle of lavender oil. It is great as a wrinkle releaser for clothes, room deodoriser and as a calming pillow spray.
  42. Baby powder - for your cheeks; your greasy hair; your smelly boots; even sprinkled in your underwear.
  43. I have a mantra when travelling 'money, passport, tickets', you can make do with pretty much everything else...
  44. My Kindle! Because I can fit thousands of hours of entertainment and escapism when I need it.
  45. I must have sunscreen as you never know what the weather is going to (perks growing up in Melbourne) and protect yourself from skin cancer which is the most important!
  46. A good pair of shoes! You are on your feet so much when traveling and there is nothing worse than being limited to what you can do because you have sore feet / legs
  47. My passport. Without it, I wouldn't be able to explore all the interesting places in the world.
  48. Good company, whether it's someone I'm travelling with, or friends I meet along the way. The shared moments, both good and bad are what makes trips memorable.
  49. An open mind and a sense of adventure!
  50. My own pillow as its the perfect pillow for my head
  51. Dry Shampoo
  52. World adapter - you don't need to think about what adapter to pack and it is small to pack!!
  53. I can't live without my hanging toiletries. I always take my toiletries organised in a compact bag that I can hang up somewhere for easy access and quickly pack up for when I'm on the move.
  54. My 'must have' travel item is my travel journal. It's a great place to jot down thoughts, collect ticket stubs, draw quick sketches, learn important phrases in a new language and plan the day ahead.
  55. My packing cubes because they keep all my clothes organized and sorted so I can easily find something I'm looking for.
  56. it'd be my sleeping pack that includes an eye mask, a pair of earplugs, a little jar of lavender essential oils and my lovely neck pillow! Because if you don't get a comfy sleep, will you really enjoy your holiday?!!
  57. Multiple pairs of undies and socks! Never want to wear socks for more than a day! Same with underwear!
  58. Always have to have a jar of vegemite with em :)
  59. Google maps app! obviously! why? not to get lost
  60. My notebook to record all the great times!

This is a pretty comprehensive list of items to consider when packing, we hope it helps you get organised for your next trip!

If you're heading overseas or around Australia be sure to check out the ISIC discounts you can utilise while away before you go. Head over to the ISIC App and search by location then you can save offers as favourites for quick access when on your adventures!

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