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Venturing up the east-coast of Australia and you'd rather not fly, or sit on a stuffy bus for hours on end? We have the perfect solution for you!

Let me introduce you to Queensland Rail Travel! You'll be best friends in no time as your ISIC card gets you 40% off fares. A quick look at their network map below confirms they have the enormous state of Queensland well and truly covered. 

Network Map credit | QueenslandRail Travel

So, let's book some tickets! I'll show you how to make it easy for you.

1 | Head through to the Queensland Rail Travel homepage.


2 | Click 'Book Now'.


3 | Select your trip. Are you wanting to return to your point of origin? Roundtrip. Are you just going from A to B? One-way? Are you wanting to stretch your legs a few times along the route? Multiple City.


4| Where and when are you going?


5| Booking Class. This is the important part! Select 'Concession/Others' and then 'Student' for Type and 'ISIC Card' for 'Sub Type'. Following this, simply fill in the details for 'ID Number', 'First Name', and 'Last Name'. Easy!


6 | Enjoy your time in Queensland, the sunshine state!

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