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The annual European Summertime is fast approaching. Read on for our comprehensive guide to this glorious time in the fabulous continent of Europe.

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When we're saturated in Mediterranean sunlight while drenched in turquoise calm waters, we know we're loving life in the midst of a European summer. Who could blame you too? This is the time when Europe and its fabulous people come alive. In what can only be described as a mass coming-together following a period of hibernation through brutal winters each year, the arrival of sun, sea and jealous folk from the Southern Hemisphere is best seen to be believed.

We've put together below some key dates for the festivals, marathons and destinations you need to know about in 2019!  

Destinations to visit during the 2019 European Summer

The places we visit when we travel are changing. We're progressively looking for something different, and a little off the beaten track. These below destinations reflect this mindset. 

Switzerland without the price-tag. Bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenia has come about fantastically since the relatively recent breakup of Yugoslavia.

Slovenia 750x375px

Menorca (Spain)
Balearic vibes without the busloads upon busloads of British tourists. If you want to party, go to Ibiza, if you want a bit of everything, go to Menorca!

Website Image 750x375px Menorca

Tromso (Norway)
No darkness in the Summer! They call this place 'The Paris of the North', we'll leave that for you to decide on yourself!

Website Image 750x375px Tromso

Tallinn (Estonia)
Not quite Scandinavia, not quite Eastern Bloc. Finding itself along the Baltic Sea, Estonia will grant you many of Scandinavian dreams, just without the price-tag.

Website Image 750x375px Tallinn

Size isn't everything! This landlocked principality might be home to just under 40,000 people, however it well and truly packs some impressive sights into its 25km long border.

Website Image 750x375px Liechtenstein

Greek Islands
Worth a visit every time Summer rolls around in Europe, the Greek Islands and their incredible beauty are no secret!

Website Image 750x375px Greek Islands

Marathons during the 2019 European Summer

The health and fitness craze changing the way we live our daily lives is also changing the way we travel. With holiday-makers now actively looking to partake in healthy activities while abroad, marathons are a great way to experience a new destination and meet new people too, all the while staying fit at the same time! 


Website Image 750x375px Marathons

Midnight Sun Marathon
Saturday 22 June 2019, Tromso, Norway
More information

Mozart 100
Saturday 15 June 2019, Salzburg, Austria
More information

Marathon Du Medoc
Saturday 7 September 2019, Bordeaux Region, France
More information

ASICS Stockholm Marathon
Saturday 1 June 2019 Stockholm, Sweden
More information

KBC Dublin Marathon
Sunday 27 October 2019, Dublin, Ireland
More information

Venice Marathon
Sunday 27 October 2019, Venice, Italy
More information


Festivals during the 2019 European Summer

Many of us love our big music festivals, they've well and truly become a big part of our lives in recent years. Excellent for making new friends and long-lasting memories, we've listed some of the big ones across Europe below that are worth a look!

Website Image 750x375px Festivals

Thursday 22 - Sunday 25 August 2019, Daresbury, UK
More information

Primavera Sound
Thursday 30 May - Saturday 1 June 2019, Barcelona, Spain
More information

Rock am Ring & Rock im Park
Friday 7 - Sunday 9 June 2019, Mendig and Nuremberg, Germany
More information

Ultra Europe
Friday 12 - Sunday 14 July 2019, Split, Croatia
More information

Sziget Festival
Wednesday 7 - Tuesday 13 August 2019, Budapest, Hungary
More information

Saturday 29 - Saturday 6 July 2019, Roskilde, Denmark
More information


Volunteering during the 2019 European Summer

We think Workaway is a great place to find safe and rewarding volunteering experiences. At the time of writing, there are 20,667 volunteering opportunities available across 48 countries throughout the entire European continent. Whether you're looking to help out a family, work in a hostel, or perhaps a sustainable project, we can't imagine that you would have too much trouble finding something you're interested in. Find more information regarding Workaway here.

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