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A fairly certain way to predict a student’s academic success is to measure their level of health. Keep reading to find out 3 ways to help ace your exams that doesn't involve sitting in the library.

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Students who lack adequate nutrition and sleep find it much harder to excel at school. This is because succeeding academically requires you to take in a huge amount of information, retain it, and then apply it during an examination. To give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your potential, learn to take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Snack on brain-boosting foods

Eating healthily might be the last thing on your mind when you have a major essay due, but spending some time to take an intentional approach to diet will boost productivity. Typical brain foods include omega-3 and protein heavy oily fish, eggs, blueberries and broccoli. These foods will give you maximum focus during revision and the exam itself, while also improving your memory. Take a five-minute break each hour to snack on these foods, so that the next hour is as productive as possible.

Sleep well, nap wisely

The purpose of sleep is not completely understood. However, what is known for certain is the value of sleep for learning and memory retention. Avoid caffeine, stimulating activities and electronics before bed to allow your brain to shut off completely and rest. Reading through notes before bed can allow them to consolidate in your mind as you sleep. You can also consider a 20-minute power nap in the middle of the day. This will help your brain to process the information you learnt in the morning and refresh you ready for your afternoon study.

Learn to switch off

It is easy to become overloaded with information when you study, leading to the brain becoming foggy. However, it is absolutely essential to maintain clarity of mind. One way to do this is through meditation. For about ten minutes a day, find a quiet place and just sit in silence, focusing on your breathing. Alternatively, do some exercise and try to focus only on the actions of your body. These are both tried and tested methods for switching off before mental overexertion makes it difficult to concentrate.

Succeeding in school should be as part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. Your main priorities should be healthy eating and proper sleeping habits. If you can also find just a few minutes each day to meditate or exercise, then you will find that your productivity and academic results skyrocket.

This article was written by guest contributor Lucy Turner for ISIC Australia

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Guest contributor: Lucy Turner

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