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Coming down-under to study under our big bright yellow sun? Here's everything you need to know about your soon to be neighbours!

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leio mclaren leiomclaren 491111 unsplashAustralians live in big cities, far away from each other

With just under 90% of the Australian population living in Australia's cities and urban areas, our cities are jam-packed full of people creating a suburban sprawl that would Los Angeles and its traffic proud. Take Perth for example, with a population of just over 2 million, you'll have to travel over 2,000km to find another city with over 100,000 people. Australia has a small number of big cities, with towns spread sporadically around the continent. Comparatively to what you might find at home, a city or town of less than half a million people in Australia tends to be referred to as small!

Fun Fact - More than 90% of the Australian population live within 100km of the coastline.




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Australians are for the most part very down to earth and laid back

Australia is naturally changing over time thanks to immigration and the merging of people of different backgrounds and cultures, however Australians in general can usually be referred to as welcoming, down to earth and often very laid back. Issues that might cause frustration back home, might not even raise the eyebrow of an everyday Australian. Why? Well, we don't really know? Perhaps its the weather, maybe living in what has long been referred to as 'the lucky country'?

Fun Fact - Australia produces approximately 1.6 million tonnes of red and white wine grapes each year. 







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Australians are sport obsessed

Slight generalisation we know, however for the most part it's pretty accurate! Outperforming ourselves for as long as we have competed on the international stage, Australians take no greater pride in themselves as a nation than following the success of a sporting individual or team effort. On the contrary, you will find the overall mood of the Australian society to be a bit down following a shameful scandal. Yes, we're thinking of the Australian Mens Cricket Team.

Fun Fact - The American 4 x 100m freestyle relay team had never been defeated until the 2000 Sydney Olympics when they were beaten by Australia.








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Australians love the outdoors

Well, can you blame us? With the biggest and best backyard in the world we love getting out and about exploring our home, as well as our iconic native flora and fauna. If we're lucky , we also might come across some plants and animals too! We're proud of our landscape, and while efforts to preserve might be seen as questionable at times, we sure like making the most of it while we can!

Fun Fact - Nicole Kidman's family are one of the world's largest landowners, owning land encompassing roughly the same size of Hungary.









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