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Australia is a pretty down to earth place. We like to keep things simple, and life doesn't get much simpler than a quintessential Australian summer.

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Whether you enjoy spending lazy days at the beach or having endless summer BBQs at home, let's face it Australian summers are pretty great. Read on to see how we do it!

roxanne desgagnes 311461 unsplash1) Get some vitamin D underneath the big bright yellow sun

The Australian Summer should be enjoyed throughout the day and long into the night. Providing the weather gods deliver, we will hopefully be in for many long, hot Summer days. The skin craves the some vitamin D, however in saying this, always remember to slip, slop, slap some sunscreen on when you're out in the sun for a prolonged period of time!


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2) Find a summer romance
Those beautiful days can be pleasant with yourself, however they are almost always better spent with someone when a romance is brewing. Long days out in the sun and nights that seem to never end are waiting for you and someone special.


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3) Go for a swim
With over 85% of the Australian population living within 50km of our enormous coastline, chances are you're well within reach of either a pool or beach, perhaps both! Rejuvenating for the mind and body, partake in this quintessential Australian summer pastime.  


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4) Spend lots of time with your friends
For many people in Australia, Summer is a time for some relaxation far away off study or work. Make the most of this time to spend some quality time with your friends, especially when the weather is good. As we gradually get older, we appreciate these things more and more. 


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5) Have a backyard BBQ
As Australian property prices reach new heights, the dream of a quarter acre blog with a big grassed backyard is becoming a pipe-dream for many looking to enter the market. Still, this pastime lives on and has evolved in new ways to communal spaces, balconies and local parks. The smell, the bare feet, the grass. Everything about the outdoor BBQ brings a smile to all involved.


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6) Play some beach cricket
Australia's national sport may be presently going through a dark period, however the game itself at the grassroots level remains as strong as ever. The beach is the traditional Australian setting for a game. Just ensure you have a fielder in the ocean to ensure you don't lose the ball!


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7) Watch the Australian Open
More than just a world-renowned sporting event, the Australian Open is now the full-package. Perfect for everyone from the tennis-obsessed to those who are just happy to be there and partake in the fun of the event's atmosphere, the Australian Open generates a buzz in Melbourne comparable to that of the AFL's September Finals Series.


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8) Smile
Remember to not take things too seriously and lay back and enjoy the fun of an Australian Summer.

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