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We all know that every penny counts, so be savvy and save money while you travel. Read on to find out our top seven tips for smart saving while you're enjoying life on the road.

Who doesn’t love saving money? Especially when each dollar saved means one more awesome experience in Thailand or delicious local meal in Spain! When you’re travelling, every penny counts, and sometimes, saving money can be the difference between heading to your next destination or heading home. Here’s 7 easy ways you can save money while travelling and keep exploring that little bit longer.

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1. Find the free

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When you reach a destination, look for free activities, like walking tours, museums or galleries that you can enjoy. Hostels are a good place to find free walking tours and some will even offer free trips to the cities main attractions.  It’s also worth making note of any places that offer student discounts. With an ISIC card, there are plenty of these around!

And, if you’ve got your heart set on a certain adventure, check out deal sites to make sure you get the best price. Backpackerdeals.com has some awesome discounts on experiences in Australia, Asia, New Zealand and beyond.

2. Walk, walk, walk! 

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When possible, try to walk instead of taking a taxi, bus or train. Booking a hostel in walkable distance from the main sites you want to visit will make this a lot easier. You’ll also be able to explore more of the city and discover little hidden gems when you’re wandering around laneways and tiny streets. Don't worry about getting lost either, some of the best things are discovered when you loose your way! If you really get stuck, Google maps can always to come to the rescue.


3. Book the cheapest room

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After all, how much time will you really be spending there? There’s no need to book a room with all the trimmings if you’re going to be out exploring most of the day anyway. As long as you’ve got a comfortable place to sleep, that’s quiet (or loud) enough and is secure, save your cash for the cheap beers and bus rides!


4. Don’t eat out for EVERY meal

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Of course, if you’re in a place that’s famous for it’s pad thai or pizza, you’ve got to give it a try. But, eating out for every meal can really eat in to your savings. It pays to take snacks with you when you go out for the day, so you can indulge when it matters. Load up on the free breakfast if your hostel has one, and pack some fruit or muesli bars so you don't have to buy overpriced snacks when you’re exploring. Taking your own water bottle is also a great idea, as bottled water can have a hefty price tag. Saving in these little ways will mean you can splurge when it comes to must-try treats! And, if you just HAVE to try all the yummy goodies, remember that street food, if you’re in a place where this is a thing, is often waaaaay cheaper than any restaurant.  Sometimes just a dollar or two will get you a sustainable snack, and you’ll be immersing yourself in your surroundings at the same time!


5.  Look for a shared kitchen

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Think about booking accommodation with a shared kitchen so that you have the option to cook some of your meals. This can be a great bonding experience with new friends. You can still get a taste for the local food by cooking - especially if you go to visit the local market to pick up ingredients before hand! Making your own meals will often end up being cheaper than in a restaurant, and you’ll even be able to save leftovers for the next days train journey.
Another way to save is to book a hostel that offers free breakfasts or a dinner deal – like a group dinner for $5 each. You’ll get one meal of the day either for free or for a very low price, which means more money to spend on later.


6. Talk to people! Meet fellow travellers! 

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Ok, so you’re going to do that anyway, but aside from giving you some awesome new friends, meeting fellow travellers can also help slash transport, eating and accommodation costs! If you’re travelling in a place where hiring a car or driver is needed, booking a ride with 3 – 4 other people will make this a lot cheaper than doing it solo. The same goes for splitting the cost of a room or Air bnb. If you need a break from the hostel life, booking a private place with a few new friends is a far better option than footing the bill alone! It might even end up cheaper than a hostel dorm between you! 


7. Make money while you’re gone

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No, we don't mean becoming an overnight Instagram influencer or travel blogger (though giving it a try couldn’t hurt!) An easier way to make money while you travel is to lease your house out or sett it up as an Air bnb while you’re away. That way, the costs will be covered for each place you stay. While it’s not a full time income, imagine how much money you’d have left for epic activities if you didn’t have to worry about deducting accommodation costs from your budget! A lot, huh?! 

So, there you have it – 7 easy ways to save money while you travel. You can save even more by checking out Backpacker Deals incredible discounts on must do activities around the world.

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