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On the lookout for some new study techniques to take your grades from Ps to Ds?

As part of our recent #winwithisic giveaway of a Scanmarker Air, we asked all entrants to tell us their best study tip. After going through hundreds of them, we've compiled 50 of the best to maybe give you that extra little bit of motivation you might need going into exams!

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1 | "Always have a notepad handy to write down ideas you have on the go!"

2 | "Break your study in to smaller, manageable sections. You'll feel like you're getting things done - great for motivation"

3 | "Studying with someone else enables you to learn faster"

4 | "Read your texts out loud - ask your Mum to read, record yourself reading, get your EARS in on the learning experience!"

5 | "Highlight the important areas, visualising what is important actually helps you remember!"

6 | "Highlight the keywords to ease memorising the key items and then try to explain what we just studied without the text book or alternatively explain the items that you have highlighted using the markers previously. If you can explain what you just studied/highlighted without reading the text book, you are good to go!"

7 | "For particularly tricky concepts/formulas - make a little rhyme/pun"

8 | "Re-write key passages while you read! Commits them to memory"

9 | "Highlight the important bits and rewrite in your own words. Helps you remember the content so you can understand it better"

10 | "Re-read out loud"

11 | "To sit outside away from any technology to keep your mind clear makes it a lot easier to study"

12 | "Cool relaxed vibe study area, somewhere comfortable to relax, concentrate and switch off from the outside"

13 | "Practice exam style questions under exam conditions"

14 | "Read, summarise, flash cards - repeat!"

15 | "When you get stuck, take a break, (go for a walk, run, do the dishes, whatever) when you are back, it'll make sense"

16 | "To make weekly summary notes of the key points and themes from each week's content"

17 | "Put gummy bears at the end of each page of reading, you get to eat the gummy bear when you've finished the page"

18 | "Spend an hour at the library 3-5 times a week and make notes. Do past papers and start studying early before exams"

19 | "Test yourself with flash cards, divide the ones you get wrong and ones you get right into piles - that way you know what to focus on more"

20 | "Small chunks of study to avoid being overwhelmed!"

21| "Study when your phone is flat so you cant procrastinate and drink water"!

22 | "Highlight the key terms - then write dot points on them in my text book"

23 | "Using multimodal studying techniques i.e. making written notes, verbal repetition and answering questions"

24 | "Consolidate notes into flash cards for easy and fun revision"

25 | "Understand the topic instead of skimming/scanning the information"

26 | "Quiet relaxing music in the background helps me to stay focused"

27 | "Revision cards & repetition"

28 | "Whether it's an essay, report or even designing a poster...READ THE RUBRIC. I didn't find out about this until the start of second year, ever since then my grades have jumped from Ps to Ds and HDs, all because I know what the markers are looking for"

 29 | "Start early! Week one is the best time to start so you can revise small chunks at a time rather than trying to cram slabs of information"

 30 | "Find a way to make study fun! And remember to give yourself a break every now and then :)"

31 | "Shower before studying"

32 | "Engage with the content, don't just read it"

33 | "Use a watch, not your phone to tell the time, it's too easy to get distracted with a phone"

 34 | "Just start! Get out of inertia. Get some momentum going"

 35 | "Always study in the morning when you are at your most alert"

36 | "Change font of notes to ComicSans - it's proven to help memory retention by up to 30%"

 37 | "Definitely do your readings before the lecture so you aren't clueless in the lectures"

 38 | "Find a study buddy and work together by keeping each other motivated and celebrating the highs and lows of the semester together!"

 39 | "Never study on an empty stomach"

 40 | "Using diagrams and colours to highlight the important points"

41 | "COLOUR! COLOUR! COLOUR! Make lots of notes and colour coordinate! It helps so much"!

42 | "Past papers"

43 | "Revise until you cant forget!"

44 | "Turn off all social media while studying!"

45 | "Have your water bottle and snack if need be at the ready, disconnect the internet, turn off the mobile and just focus!"

46 | "Physically write down the important bits, you'll retain it all"

47 | "Have scented candles for different topics. Smelling the same scent again will instantly help you recall the information"

48 | "Put on some music with no lyrics, anything from classical to dance!"

49 | "Make a study plan before you start"

 50 | "Summary notes on the wall"

Come across some new-found study inspiration? We certainly hope so! Finding effective study techniques can be a real process of trial and error. If it's not working for you now, always best to keep trying until you find something that works for you!

Still looking for more help? Your study in a bit of a rut? Click here for some more tips & tricks.

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