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Holidays are just the best! Your skin feels refreshed, the sun shines brightly. Ever feel a bit lonely though if you're travelling solo?

James recently rediscovered his love for travelling last month on board a group tour exploring Australia’s West Coast from Perth to Broome. For the first time since 2009, (which also happened to be a group tour) he didn’t want to return from the holiday which had just finished. Here’s why:

Perfect for the money-conscious

While you might think when researching your travel options that the tour operators are simply trying to make money out of you, truth is that when you way up all of the costs involved in any lengthy group tour, you’ll be hard pressed trying to do it cheaper on your own or with a group of friends. While you’ll find some group tours covering the same journeys to be five times the cost, this will simply come down to the level of comfort and luxury involved.

Perfect for the money-conscious

Perfect for the singles

If like me you’ve been flying solo for some time, or others on the group who have very recently come out of a relationship, depending on the group you’re in you might just find your mojo coming back to you. With ten singles in the group and an equal proportion of men and women, the scene was well and truly set! Often what happens on tour tends to stay on tour, and a month after the holiday has wrapped up I think we would all comfortably agree with that.

Perfect for the singles

Perfect for those who can't decide

As carefree as it can be to get up each day without a real plan of action in mind, sometimes you end up spending half the day lazing around trying to decide what to do. On a group tour you know each day where and when you’re heading out the door. This keeps you on your feet and ready to tackle a big day of covering some serious distance on the road or some treacherous hikes. The tour guides know the places to go and how long to spend there.

Perfect for those who can't decide

Perfect for the community-orientated

If you find the places you see and visit to be only half the enjoyment of any journey, you’re probably someone who enjoys being around others. Group tours see you all work together for the overall enjoyment of every individual’s experience. Whether it be making sure you’re packed, ready and on the bus by 5.30 in the morning for an early departure, or assisting with the cooking or cleaning for a group dinner, you’re all in it together and it genuinely makes the entire experience that much more rewarding come the end of it.

Perfect for the community-orientated

We love group tours so much that we've partnered with some of the very best tour group operators around Australia and the world to offer exclusive offers to ISIC, ITIC, and IYTC cardholders.

Bunyip Tours - 10% off any Bunyip Tour
Bunyip Tours have been making people's dreams a reality for over 19 years and are one Melbourne's premier small group tour operators. Click here to learn more about Bunyip Tours and our ISIC discount.

Coast Warriors - 15% off experiences

Coast Warriors is a Sydney based backpacker and student orientated day trip option. They run affordable and very fun 5 star experiences to Sydney's coolest destinations. Come join the group and remember to bring that big smile. Click here to learn more about Coast Warriors and our ISIC discount.

Shamrocker Adventures - Discounted Trips
Shamrocker Adventures' Irish adventures are shamelessly good fun. All 3-9 day tours depart from Dublin and take in the very best that Ireland has to offer across both North and South. Think rolling green hills, dramatic coastlines, ancient monuments, plus nights spent in local pubs enjoying traditional music. Click here to learn more about Shamrocker Adventures and out ISIC discount.

Haggis Adventures Discounted Trips
Haggis Adventures bring you backpacker tours of the Scottish Highlands for independent travellers. Explore the wild bits, party at brazen festivals & learn about all the hairy traditions. Click here to learn more about the Haggis Adventures and our ISIC discount.

Looking for more travel discounts? View them all on our discounts page.

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