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The theme of sustainability is running hot right now! Read on to see 2019's most popular green products as told by students and our ISIC cardholders.

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Having last month run a competition to give away two Ecoffee Cup Australia reusable cups, one of key takeaways was that our cardholders are a seriously environmentally friendly group! Looking through hundreds of answers to the question of What is your favourite environmentally friendly product, we found a real trend with the below four products proving to be the most popular! Are you ahead of the ball or are these all new to you?

Reusable Metal Straws1) Reusable Metal Straws

A staple of many Friday and Saturday night Pre's these days, reusable metal straws are bang on trend right now, both aesthetically and environmentally. Perfect for the handbag, the kitchen draw, or even the car, these steel straws are a fantastic way to reduce your plastic waste. They are hygenic, very easy to clean, and convenience-wise they go clean perfectly in the dishwasher.

Bee Wrappy2) Beeswax Wraps

We believe beeswax wraps to be relatively new on the sustainability scene, however boy are they are gaining some serious momentum. A genius alternative to the although convenient, yet awful for the environment single-use cling wrap, their strength lies in the fact that they're washable, sustainable and reusable for a period of between 6-12 months. With more and more retailers jumping on board the wave of popularity, they are relatively easily found within many Australia retailers, however we particularly like Bee Wrappy. Their products can be found in stores country-wide by searching here.

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Green Bags3) Green Bags

In the words of Kath Day-Knight, "Oh, I forgot my green bags! Oh well, I'll just buy some more, you can never have too many!" With many Australians stocking car-boots full of green bags, remembering to actually get them out of the car for the weekly shop proved a little difficult for many including ourselves. Thankfully, with our two major supermarkets, Coles & Woolworths last year refusing to use plastic bags, our use nationally of these reusable bags has substantially increased. Becoming more stylish, you can even fork out over 2000 AUD for a shopping bag from Balenciaga. We think the humble $2 bags from our supermarkets are much nicer, and much more practical!

4) Bamboo Toothbrush

Another hot new product on the sustainable market, toothbrushes are presently experiencing something of a renaissance period! Having lived through the rise and rise of electric toothbrushes in the early noughties, through the advent of toothbrushes to brush tongues, we can comfortably say this is the most exciting new development in the history of brushing teeth. Visually beautiful, environmentally they're excellent too thanks to being made from sustainably sourced bamboo. We're big fans of BAMKIKI, who are proudly Australian owned and donate 5% of their profits to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


While we're always happy to promote sustainable living, we're not just talking the talk! Having recently 'gone virtual', our ISIC, ITIC and IYTC cards are now displayed and accessed through the ISIC App. Find out more here.

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