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Easter means one thing and one thing only, chocolate! Well, we shouldn't forget hot cross buns too! We've done the difficult task of looking high and low for the most scrumptious recipes you can easily put together!

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Chocolate brioche

If there is one thing the French know how to do, it's pastry. Brioche is a vastly underrated bread whose high egg and butter content give it a deliciously rich and tender crumb. The team from Australian Gourmet Traveller are some of the best in the business when sourcing to-die-for recipes and this one is no exception. Find the recipe here.

Video | Australian Gourmet Traveller

Shannon Bennett's Flourless Chocolate Easter Cakes

The man behind Melbourne's iconic Vue de monde restaurant in the Rialto Tower, Shannon Bennett is a cooking sensation and his chocolate Easter cakes are as equally sensational. A bit tired of the traditional hot cross bun? This recipe will sort you out. Find it here.

Video | Miele Australia

Easter Bunny Cake

If you're a lover of arts and craft and just can't get enough of scrolling through Pinterest day in and out, this is the recipe for you. Oozing cuteness, this Easter Bunny Cake is going to hit the spot for those with a sweet tooth. Your Dentist might not approve, however at the end of the day, we think you're the one winning! Find the recipe here.

Video | Allrecipes AU | NZ

Easter Rocky Road

There really aren't many things better than rocky road. It's dangerously moreish and something that you can bite away at all day and chow through it all in no time. Carina, who we think is from New Zealand, (going by her accent) has whipped together this audacious Easter Rocky Road which we think looks like absolute perfection. Find the recipe here.

Video | Recipes by Carina

Vegan Easter Birds Nests

For all of the Vegans out there, we haven't forgotten about you! We had to delve a little deeper into the net, however we've discovered this one which we think chances are you'll love. Find the recipe in the video description, here.

Video | NikkiVegan

A time to be with family, to have some time off, and to eat some a lot of Chocolate, we hope you have a lovely Easter however you're spending it!

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